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The Importance of Imagination

Making Dreams Come True

There is so much research on the importance of dreaming, enabling space for creativity and expression in children's lives.


With so much of children's creativity being drawn from technology and time being spent on tablets, mobile phones and televisions, Divas on Wheels aims to give a little perfect play time back to kids. 


Didn't all you mummies try on your own mothers high heels and put on her lipstick, pretending you were a princess? Well tie all of this together -  the purity of play, the importance of imagination and you get why Eugenia and Vanessa have developed Divas on Wheels, the children's party bus- they want to make little princess dreams come true. 


Creating connections

Eugenia and Vanessa are the super mums behind the exciting new experience – Divas on Wheels! 


The inspiration for our new concept came from being busy mums, wanting new and exciting birthday party options, and generally wanting to offer a unique experience for little girls to be pampered and have fun in the comfort of their own home. All mums have an incredible bond with their daughters, there is nothing more beautiful than seeing your little girl smiling, laughing, and enjoying time with their friends!

We dreamt up a place where every precious little girl gets to be pampered and celebrate their special occasion with her best friends, in a very unique sparkly pink place. We wanted to design an experience, a ‘memory-creating’ time, full of surprises and fun. Featuring a spa, make-up sections, dress-up areas, karaoke and a lot more. All packages in one mobile venue that comes to your doorstep: designed for busy mothers to make their little girls birthdays unique and create those unforgettable memories! This truly is a children’s party bus like no other!

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